Air Puzzle

Welcome to the red room. Inspired by film retro photographs and neon discos of the 80s, this application will give you maximum functionality for working with dark filters. Create atmospheric night and abstract designs with the effect of colored glass. At your disposal are many powerful tools for creating creative work.


This game is inspired by the air, hence it has a clean and simple interface that allows you to be focused only on the game and the image. Nothing will annoy you while you relax while collecting puzzles and enjoy this process. In pursuit of simplicity, our game opens the world of puzzles in a new way, mobile puzzles bring innovation to the classic anti-stress game. Thanks to the simple shapes of geometric rectangles, you do not need to strain your eyes and select small elements for each other - no. We made a large 3 by 3 construction set that fits perfectly into the screens of modern devices and you get more pleasure from the original game, while your eyes rest - yes!

Move the segments in the correct order, and also unlock new levels of the game, such as tags and different types of grids. You will definitely find a game to your taste and interest. Here are some of the game modes: small puzzles with many elements, large puzzles, vertical and horizontal. If you want to play easily, quickly open new levels and make yourself a psychological relief, then use the hints.


You will definitely not get bored. The game contains a large archive of images of beautiful nature in different categories from professional photographers from around the world. You will simultaneously improve your skills by connecting your logic and admire: blue oceans, satellite images, mountains, flowers and plant textures, starry skies and even volcanic eruptions. Thanks to the many modes, you can collect one picture many times and change the difficulty level each time. Move from easy to hard, unlocking all levels and getting a reward for them. The game implements a unique image gallery mechanic - our algorithm randomly selects an image so that you don't have to strain in search of the best images. Enjoy uninterrupted play based on a state-of-the-art algorithm. Easy puzzles and difficult, it all depends on the selected image, with an automatic algorithm for random images, you will try them all and make a list of your favorites. But that's not all - come in every day and get a picture of the day. With a daily update, you can always find new pictures that you haven't collected yet.


The gallery is provided by the free photo service Unsplash. We express our deep gratitude to the creators of the photos, as well as appreciate their work and consider it obligatory to indicate the authorship on each photo that is used in our application.

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created by Anatoly Lapshin