Daily Puzzle

We have created modern jigsaw puzzles that will definitely appeal to those who like to collect classic images on the table in their living room. You now have a large collection of images in your pocket. Play whenever you want to relax and have a good time.

Play easy

Use the standard 3 by 3 grid mode to collect as many images as possible and enjoy the beautiful scenery as you play. Glue blocks of images together and get achievements for completing sets of images. Immerse yourself in the puzzle atmosphere with realistic puzzle movement sounds. You will be delighted with the minimalistic interface built around big photos. Move large blocks in 3 by 3 mode for the most comfortable gaming experience. Even a child can cope with such convenient blocks, this is a very simple and educational game. Seamlessly replace blocks that are already added to your game canvas, you no longer need to drag and drop - everything is in the center of your attention.

Play offline

Now you can always take puzzles with you. Pre-download a set of images and play without an Internet connection. The application contains a large gallery of the best images with quick access, you can download pictures to your phone at any time and collect puzzles without wasting your traffic.

Daily update

Visit the game every day and get a new image every day, collect it using all the grids. The best and unique images from different categories that you haven't seen yet. Each picture appears only for one day, have time to collect it or expect new exclusive images.

300+ images

The huge gallery is divided into interesting categories, in which the best pictures and drawings for puzzles are selected. Each set contains 10 stylish and high quality images. Here are some of the categories that are present in the application: Landscapes, Clouds, Ocean, Cars, Architecture, Textures, Mountains, Art, Satellite Images, Patterns, Flowers, City and others.

Play hard

Choose from a variety of puzzle modes. From the smallest grids to a large number of elements. Connect segments with different difficulty levels, you can easily change the size of the puzzles in the game mode. Choose 4v4 mode, which is ideal for the most advanced and adult players. You will spend a lot of time on large puzzles and get even more fun from the game. Develop your brains and find connections between different parts of one whole image. Get a complete anti-stress by trying a few more interesting modes, these are vertical and horizontal stripes, which are the most interesting puzzle modes. The magic cuts the picture and you only see parts of the photo. You collect the picture by moving elements only vertically or only horizontally.

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created by Anatoly Lapshin